Food Safety & Quality Assurance

The Quality Policy Statement

  1. The Fishin’ Company is dedicated to meeting all specifications on all products we procure, store, distribute, and/or exceed regulatory and legal requirements.
  2. We are committed to accurately identifying the species and using the proper name for all products we sell.
  3. We will provide products that are safe, healthy, affordable, and enjoyable for consumers and are of high quality based on the specific species they are intended for.
  4. We will address our challenges through process review and a continuous improvement program.

The Food Safety Policy Statement

  1. The Fishin’ Company and its group of suppliers are committed to manufacturing/producing and distributing food that is true to label and will cause no harm to humans, animals, or the environment.
  2. We understand our role in the supply chain as a primary distributor and our legal and ethical obligations to provide safe food.
  3. We continuously develop and implement protocols and continual improvement programs to strengthen our food safety management system.
  4. To ensure our ability to provide safe and high-quality products, we require our plants and processors to follow all food safety processes and programs that align with the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) Seafood Processing Standards.

Food Safety Culture

  1. The Fishin’ Company strongly emphasizes food safety culture by design to create awareness, understanding, and ownership of shared beliefs and values across all departments and individuals in our organization.
  2. To improve our food safety culture, we have developed a detailed plan that outlines who will be acting in a leadership role, how new skills will be created, and, most importantly, how everyone will be involved daily.
  3. Finally, The Fishin’ Company requires our products to be put through a multitude of rigorous testing including microbiological testing, analytical tests, and organoleptic analysis, before they enter commerce in order to ensure our quality is always the best it can be, and the food is safe for consumption.