Global Network

As one of the largest buyers of frozen fish in the world, we have the unique ability to supply our seafood products to every corner of the globe efficiently and cost-effectively.
In the United States, we have product on the shelves of retail stores in all 50 states.Our supply chain network is made up of long-term cold storage partners in every corner of the country.This gives us the ability to reach any customer location within hours.No matter where you need product across the US, we will have your product nearby and ready to deliver in a timely manner.
Our distribution network does not stop within the USA.We have an established supply chain network in Europe as well.Our warehouse and logistics partners in the United Kingdom and France provide us with the ability to bring our purchasing power to new customers throughout the continent.Our local sales team and technical managers in Europe have extensive experience in seafood and quality assurance.They understand the market, and their experience allows The Fishin’ Company to provide the most relevant items at the most competitive prices.
We are constantly looking for future markets around the world, and we are prepared to expand and explore these markets at any time.If you have seafood needs anywhere in the world, we are ready to partner with you to satisfy your demands.
We source a wide range of products from fisheries and farms around the world.We have multiple offices across the globe, including those in the US, the UK, Canada, Chile, China, and India.This network allows us to act at a moment’s notice when challenges and opportunities arise for our company or the industry.With this global reach, we also have a distinct sourcing advantage and a valuable, in-depth knowledge of market conditions on the ground that a completely US-based sourcing team does not have.
The Fishin’ Company is versatile in the species and specifications sourced for customers.Our sourcing relationships and our global reach allow us to source any type of frozen seafood required by your business.We are confident in our ability to source the desired product at the most competitive prices while maintaining the highest level of quality and customer service.