Vertical Integration

We take pride in the relationships we have built with our supplier base around the world.As we have grown into a trustworthy and high-performing seafood supplier to many of the world’s most respected retailers, we have continually worked to get as close to the source as possible.
Our team of Fishin’ employees in China work directly with farmers and hatcheries to build relationships that we can trust to provide our aquaculture species.These relationships form the foundation for our supply chain.In addition, we operate our own feed mill, farm base, and processing facility in China to allow for closer monitoring of our product and to better understand the true cost of producing the items that we provide to our customers. We have partnered closely with organizations, including the GAA, SFP, and IDH, to conduct farmer-training camps through iBAP and to increase the volume of high-quality, sustainable seafood that is on the market.
On the wild caught side of our business, we work to source directly any time that we can. Species like Wild Salmon, Cod, Crab, and others can be more efficiently purchased when bought from the individuals who catch the product. Our goal is to be as close to the source as possible and to minimize the middlemen that may inhibit us from getting the most competitive price for our customers.